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I've been struggling for several months now with writing my Labyrinth fic. I'm stuck in a rather important part of the story and just don't know how to get it to work.

I've been listening to my "Stevie Nicks" station on Pandora all day (it plays lots of singer/songwriters from around the 70s/80s) and when These Dreams by Heart came on, it reminded me (as it often does) of a book I read as a kid. This book has stuck with me ever since I read it in late elementary/early middle school. I've read it several times and it's always brought the same feelings for me.

It's called Flora has always accepted that their house is haunted. But since her cousin Anthea moved in after her parents' deaths, the haunting has taken a sinister turn. Scenes that once could only be viewed on a dead child's toy stereoscope now take shape n the night-dark hallways. Anthea and Flora, living under an uneasy truce by day, are drawn into the same dreamworld at night, one to ease her grief, the other to solve the mysterious riddle at her home's heart. But as Flora and Anthea's shared dreams become more compelling, more vivid and lifelike, dreamscape and landscape merge--and dangerous spaces threaten to engulf the dreamers and their world.

I'm hoping for some inspiration, but if nostalgia is all I get, I'll take it.
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