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Made these last night. They're not great, but I wanted to do something.

These were some I was going to do for the rainbow activity for [community profile] icontalking

And this one was for the favorite scifi movie challenge for [profile] your_favorites

The quality of the cap on that one isn't very good. I can't remember where I got them from. :/ If I do any more for this movie, I'll cap some new ones myself.

I'm also going to look into finding a new image hosting site since I can't seem to get photobucket to cooperate any more. Last night I couldn't even get the page to load and then when it did, I couldn't click on any of the links to copy them here.

Even now the page won't load on my computer. I had to open it on my phone and copy/paste the links into an email so I could get them on my computer. Super annoying. Especially with all the pop up ads.

Date: 2017-07-02 06:44 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] tinny
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Photobucket is going totally off the rails right now. There are people whose mood themes I can't see, and half the icon posts and tutorials are broken (oh god i wish i had managed to save them two weeks ago when i tried, but i couldnt get it to work, and i was too lazy to save them all separately by hand).

You want me to give you concrit on these?

I really like the second one - that shade of green goes very nicely with the facial expression and the font you chose. Very cool!


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