Aug. 19th, 2017 01:00 pm
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So... I wrote another fic. For a very small (read non existent, seriously, there are only three fics out there other than mine).

This one is quite a bit bigger than the other two I've posted. I didn't expect it to be so long! My other two are less than 1k words and this one is over 2k!!

So if you like the show Younger, or you're just bored and want to kill some time with some random smut, you can find my fic on ff and ao3.

All In on FF

All In on AO3
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I haven't posted what fanfics I've read in a while... and I've been reading a LOT lately!

Looking at my history on AO3, the last time I listed anything I've read from there was around last summer! I think I'll stick with the more recent things though, just because some of the older things I don't remember so well. So these are just Jan-now and only what I've read on AO3 since FF doesn't keep track for me.

Rogue One (Star Wars)- Jyn/Cassian

Dust by impertinence
my body above you by alsoalsowik
Almost by lannisterslioness

Emerald City- Dorothy/Lucas

Take Me There by srmiller
She Wields Magic by dearxalchemist
Interrupted by sambethe
Slow Ragged Breaths by dearxalchemist
When You Kiss Me Like This by srmiller
The Color Red by L3ftOfCent3r
Hello My Old Heart by daydreamblvr6

Librarians- Jacob/Cassandra

Vaporized Marshmallows by justlook3
Tales from the Bookstore by justlook3

Timeless- Lucy/Wyatt

Repetition by RavensWing
Just a Peek by MISSYriver
I've gained some things too by spacetimetrash
The Stars Are Still Shining by megoettee
Smirk by bethylark


enimies of time (5 part series) by extasiswings
all the ashes in my wake (2 part series) by extasiswings
ex gratia by extasiswings
Fallen Out of Time by sinisterkid92
Hidden by Justbeyourself205
(and perhaps it was)inevitable by qqueenofhades


Unpack Your Heart (3 part series) by only_more_love
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FINALLY got some work in on my Laby fic! I haven't really had any inspiration for it in months. I would open it and make edits here and there, but not really add much.

I didn't add a *ton* today, but more than I have in a while. And it's good to feel the story moving again. I was worried it had died. :(

I'm up to about 8500 words now! I have no idea how long it will be, but I'm thinking it will be over 10k before I'm done.


Jul. 5th, 2016 01:12 am
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Worked on my Labyrinth fic tonight. Got two WIPs to mesh together! So now I only have four open WIPs for it.

My two main parts are five and six pages respectively and the other two are two and three pages respectively. I think I know how it's going to come together now, I just need to write the bits in between. And then write the end lol. I have an idea for the end, but I don't want to force it, so we'll see.
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I tried to read After Alice, but just couldn't get into it.

John Carter was on TV about a week ago and I found myself wondering (again) if he really made it back to Mars and what happened. After a bit of research, I found out the books are now part of public domain and therefore free. So I looked for them on my Kindle app and found the first three books. According to Wikipedia, only the first three involve John Carter, so I figured I'd start with those.

I was pleasantly surprised by A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs ). When I've tried to read older books before I've struggled with the language or just the way it's written. And I was completely prepared for the women to be horribly written, but none of that happened.

It was very easy to read and the female characters were well written. I read it within a couple days. This was also the first book I've read on my Kindle app. That took some getting used to. My phone screen is small and I kept wanting to scroll at the bottom of the page instead of swiping.

I also read a bunch more fanfic.
More movie Avengers Natasha/Loki )


May. 7th, 2016 10:07 pm
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I decided I want to keep better track of the fanfic I read. That way I can see that I'm still reading even if it isn't a book.

I tend to read it in marathon sessions if it isn't something that I'm following/is still being written.

Here's the list of new things I've read since the 4th:

Avengers (movies) Loki/Black Widow )

Did I mention Avengers was on tv a few days ago?

Honestly this pairing only popped into my head because of one scene, but this is why I love fandoms so much. If I can think of something, there's probably a fic out there for it. :)


May. 4th, 2016 02:56 pm
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Worked on my Labyrinth fic yesterday and today. In those two days I've written 1200 words!

I think I know what order they'll go in now too. Now that I have four separate sections to put together. I just have to get there.

All together I've written almost 5000 words in this fic. And I feel like I'm probably about halfway. Maybe. I don't know.

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Mar. 15th, 2016 10:50 am
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Did some more writing yesterday! This time on a fanfic. It's already longer than my other two fics combined. Which, really isn't saying much since the first one was just under 600 words and the second was just under 400 words. Yesterday I put down just over 1000 words! Some of it is just bare bones paragraphs that I have to go back and fill in better, but I put down enough to get the story moving and out of my head before I lost it.

My main problem with this fic is that it's now written in three parts. It keeps coming at me at different points in the story so I now have three different documents sitting open. And I have to figure out how to put them all together (if at all) and make it flow into one continuous story. I'm definitely going to need a beta for this one once I get it all mashed together. It wouldn't help to have one right now since everything is so disconnected and there's more to be written to hopefully bring it all together, at least story wise. Thankfully for this fandom I have an LJ group I can go to for help when I'm ready for it.

Unfortunately after next week I probably won't have much writing time as it's spring break and I have family coming to visit. :/
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I finally got new icons! I don't have as many as I used to, but since I never really used them all, I figured it was better to have less. They're all from The Labyrinth. I've been on a bit of a Labyrinth kick lately. I changed my phone screens back to my Labyrinth pictures too. I watched the movie the other day after reading mass amounts of Labyrinth fanfic.

I was curious to see how much fanfic I've read since starting about six months ago. I can't get an exact number, or even a very good approximation since a lot of what I've read is on and they don't offer a "history" option like AO3 does. :/

AO3 says I've read 41 fics. How many of those I actually finished I'm not sure, but probably most of them. I'd say more than half. Of those 41, I have bookmarked 5 and subscribed to 7 (only a couple of the 7 are bookmarked) and two of the 7 are no longer updating.

FF says I have 13 favorites and am following 10. Only a few of those are on both lists. I don't think any of the 10 are finished yet. Some of them haven't updated in a while, but I don't think they're done.

Plus like 12ish BtV fics I read on their own site.

That's a lot. Now, some of them were just quick one shots, but MOST of them are/were chapter fics. Like 3-15+ chapters. Most of what I've been reading lately (not counting my updates, since those only come a chapter at a time) are in the 15+ range.

I want to write more, but haven't been inspired. I REALLY want to write more of my Librarians fic, but I haven't been able to watch any of the new season yet and I really feel I need a refresher on the characters before I try to write more. :(


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