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1. What’s your favorite way to stay cool in late summer?
I don't know about favorite, but the ONLY way to stay cool in the summer here in GA is with air conditioning.

2. Are you ready for autumn yet?
Yes, please! I am so over these 100+ temps. :(

3. What do you have left to do before summer ends?
My daughter's birthday is the end of this month. We're doing her first big party! (She's turning 6)

4. Has it been a good summer for you?
Mostly. We got screwed out of our vacation because my husband had to work, but we survived.

5. Have you started Christmas shopping yet?
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1) What was the first Shakespeare play you read or seen preformed?
Probably Romeo & Juliet, though I'm not really sure.

2) What is your favorite Shakespeare play? 3) What is your least favorite Shakespeare play?
I'm lumping these together because it's been so long since I've read any Shakespeare that I don't remember. I can't even fully remember all of his works that I've read. :( I own several books of his plays and was a big fan in HS, but haven't touched any of them since then.

4) Who do you think wrote Shakespeare; are you a Stratfordian or Oxfordian?
I don't know that I ever really thought about it. I remember reading a theory once that supposedly revealed his identity through some of his love sonnets and always really liked that one.

5) Which Shakespeare plays have you read or seen or seen preformed?
I was in my HS's performance of Midsummer Night's Dream, just as a random fairy with one line, but it was fun. I've seen MacBeth done by a community children's theater, done by teenagers, not small children.

I've seen a few movie adaptations: Romeo & Juliet (both the 1968 version and the 1996 version), Hamlet (2000), I think I've seen bits and pieces of O (2001), 10 Things I Hate About You (supposedly a loose interpretation of Taming of the Shrew)(1999).

I'm unsure now what all I've actually read, but I think it's mostly the popular plays. Romeo & Juliet, MacBeth, Midsummer Night's Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, Taming of the Shrew, Tempest, and some of his sonnets. Some of the others seem familiar, but I don't know if it's because I've read them or just because they're part of my collection.
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I've been following this community for a while, but I rarely sign in to LJ on a Friday, so I have yet to actually complete a question set.

So here is my first Friday Five!

1. Do you play games with your animals, aside from the usual?
Um...not really. My kitty is pretty old and really just likes playing with her mice or catnip. I did have a cat once that would play fetch and a fish that would dance!

2. Do you talk to your pets?
Of course! Though it's a little harder now since she's mostly deaf.

3. Do your pets talk to you?
She mostly yells.

4. Is your pet your best friend, a member of the family or both?
She's family. I've had her since she was a tiny kitten.

5. Have you ever had to get rid of an animal for a reason beyond your control?
We attempted a puppy a couple years ago, but we had to re-home her because she needed more attention and my daughter was terrified of her.

My kitty:


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