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I haven't posted what fanfics I've read in a while... and I've been reading a LOT lately!

Looking at my history on AO3, the last time I listed anything I've read from there was around last summer! I think I'll stick with the more recent things though, just because some of the older things I don't remember so well. So these are just Jan-now and only what I've read on AO3 since FF doesn't keep track for me.

Rogue One (Star Wars)- Jyn/Cassian

Dust by impertinence
my body above you by alsoalsowik
Almost by lannisterslioness

Emerald City- Dorothy/Lucas

Take Me There by srmiller
She Wields Magic by dearxalchemist
Interrupted by sambethe
Slow Ragged Breaths by dearxalchemist
When You Kiss Me Like This by srmiller
The Color Red by L3ftOfCent3r
Hello My Old Heart by daydreamblvr6

Librarians- Jacob/Cassandra

Vaporized Marshmallows by justlook3
Tales from the Bookstore by justlook3

Timeless- Lucy/Wyatt

Repetition by RavensWing
Just a Peek by MISSYriver
I've gained some things too by spacetimetrash
The Stars Are Still Shining by megoettee
Smirk by bethylark


enimies of time (5 part series) by extasiswings
all the ashes in my wake (2 part series) by extasiswings
ex gratia by extasiswings
Fallen Out of Time by sinisterkid92
Hidden by Justbeyourself205
(and perhaps it was)inevitable by qqueenofhades


Unpack Your Heart (3 part series) by only_more_love

Date: 2017-04-16 01:45 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] tinny
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I've read all the Lucy/Wyatt ones, and the OT3 series. But I haven't read any Lucy/Flynn ones. I'll check those out!


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