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I started this while on vacation last week and finished it a couple days ago.

After realizing his romantic life is not going in the direction he'd hoped, Devin Jones decides to take a summer job at an amusement park. There he makes friends with Tom Kennedy and Erin Cook, also summer hires at Joyland, which years before had been the scene of the murder of a young woman named Linda Gray whose ghost is said to be seen at the Horror House. He also befriends a young boy, named Mike Ross and his mother, Annie. Their lives all become entwined when Devin decides to investigate the mystery of Linda Gray's unsolved murder by the "Carny Killer."

While I enjoyed this story, I've decided that King has gone soft. He no longer writes horror stories. This was a crime novel with a bit of supernatural mixed in. I see now where his son (Joe Hill) gets it from. Though the only book from him that I've read is Heart Shaped Box and it had more horror in it than King's work does any more.

The one thing I didn't like about the book was the feeling that it could've gone more in depth with how the ghost "moved on." It never said anything happened, which was disappointing.
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