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Nothing to really vent about lately, so I've been neglecting my journal. :/

Kiley turned 3 on Thursday. I made her a pretty princess skirt. No pattern, just bought fabric and sewed it all together. I'm actually pretty proud of how it turned out, and she loves it. She's worn it every day, all day, since I gave it to her Thursday morning. :)

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Pictures under the cut, if you're interested.

We took her to Chuck E. Cheese today for the first time ever. It was packed with kids since it was a Saturday, but she had so much fun. We spent almost THREE HOURS there!! Andy and I were exhausted when we got home, but Kiley was wide awake. She came home and played with her dinosaurs, singing Happy Birthday (or her own little version of it any way lol). :)

Tonight before we put her to bed, I decided it was probably time to transition her crib into a toddler bed. She's 3 and needs to learn how to sleep in a regular bed at some point. I figured tonight was a good night to start since she was so tired, the chances of her getting up were small. So far we're good. She didn't try to follow me to the door and she didn't scream/cry. At this point she's asleep since we put her to bed over an hour ago. I know it won't go this smoothly every night though.

My mom and aunt are coming to visit at the end of the month. Hopefully that goes well. It's only for a long weekend, so we'll see.

Andy leaves for extra training in October. He'll be gone for five weeks. Not sure how that's going to go. Hopefully Kiley doesn't freak out too bad. He'll be staying in a hotel, so hopefully he'll have wifi and we can FaceTime at night before she goes to bed so she can see him.

Kiley starts soccer in a couple weeks! I hope she likes it. I also hope maybe she/I can make some friends. It lasts for six weeks, I think, once a week.

And that's pretty much it. Hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend! :)


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