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I've been struggling for several months now with writing my Labyrinth fic. I'm stuck in a rather important part of the story and just don't know how to get it to work.

I've been listening to my "Stevie Nicks" station on Pandora all day (it plays lots of singer/songwriters from around the 70s/80s) and when These Dreams by Heart came on, it reminded me (as it often does) of a book I read as a kid. This book has stuck with me ever since I read it in late elementary/early middle school. I've read it several times and it's always brought the same feelings for me.

It's called Dangerous Spaces by Margaret Mahy )

I'm hoping for some inspiration, but if nostalgia is all I get, I'll take it.
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I had some time last night and decided to try and improve some icons I've made recently. I've still got a couple I'm working on and a few I want to do, but here's a couple that I finished last night.

This one didn't need much improvement. Really the cap itself is gorgeous just the way it is, which is a testament of how good the cinematography was in this show. But I changed the font, moved it around and made sure the icon was actually square. It took me a while to realize I had a "square" cropping option...

Old New

I never posted the original of this one. I wasn't really happy with it, but at the time I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it/how to improve it. I think the text still needs work, but it looks MUCH better.


I've discovered the "curves" tool and it has become my new favorite tool. It brightens things SO MUCH easier and cleaner/clearer than the "fill light" tool. Though that does still have it's uses.

[personal profile] tinny, would this be something I could post over at [community profile] icontalking? I'd love some concrit, but don't know if you want members randomly posting things.

Book 12

May. 24th, 2017 01:00 pm
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(yes, 12, because I still haven't finished Scarecrow of Oz...)

I started and finished Killjoy by Julie Garwood ) a couple weeks ago.

It was ok. It ended the way I knew it would. I was unaware that it's part of some kind of set, apparently the last one in the set. Oh well. I did get aggravated at one point because the main character learns super important information, which she then ignores/forgets/whatever for several chapters. It just felt very OOC considering she's supposed to be this amazing analyst that uses random obscure information to solve cases. But I guess if she had remembered it sooner, it would've cut the story by about 200 pages and lost a lot of angst/drama. I just feel like the author made a HUGE deal about her finding out everything she could about the information super early for her to just forget it. If the info wasn't going to be used right away, put the investigating bit about it later in the story.
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Welp, a good chunk of my shows got the axe. :(

I don't know if you've seen the news yet [personal profile] tinny, but Timeless is one of them. :(

Here's my list:

Emerald City

*these are series finales and I knew they were coming.

Powerless didn't even get to finish the first season! They just cancelled it! :(

The oldest show on the list (other than the two *) is Conviction and it only had two seasons! The rest were brand new this season and were really good!

People complained about Powerless and how it needed better superheroes, but it wasn't a superhero show!! It was just a silly little fun show about an insurance company trying to handle the problems of superhero caused damage. Sure there were superheroes on it sometimes, but it's mentioned in the show that no A-list superheroes ever come there. Gotham is the "big city" that everyone wants to go to. There are PLENTY of actual superhero shows out there if that's what you're looking for.

I'm worried all the good shows are moving to the internet (Netflix, Hulu,Amazon). :(

UPDATE: They renewed Timeless after all!!! That makes me super happy!!

However, they also cancelled 2 Broke Girls. :( I get it though. The show had reached the end game of the plot. The girls had finally gotten a successful business and both were in solid happy romantic relationships. I just wish we would've gotten to have an actual final season. You know, like with the series finale being Max's wedding.


May. 3rd, 2017 11:16 am
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Finished it a couple days ago. I really liked it. It didn't end how I wanted it to, but I knew it wasn't going to and it had a good ending. I loved how it was Alice in Wonderland, but not (obviously). All the characters were there, but different and more fleshed out. I remember reading Alice and having a hard time following it. It had story, but then it would just randomly have poetry thrown in. It felt very disconnected. I can't remember if I read Looking Glass or not, I have it, but I don't know if I've read it.

I'm not sure if there's a sequel, or plans for a sequel, but I would love more about Jest. Maybe about his journey to Hearts and why he went (other than because his Queen told him to). And maybe more about Hatta as well.
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Baby Blanket As you wish

I started this blanket almost a year ago and it has given me SO MANY problems, but it's finally done and now I can mail it!

I'm washing it now to make sure it holds together, then I'll be boxing it up to mail it tomorrow!
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Currently reading two books at once.

Started Scarecrow of Of ) a while ago, but am only occasionally reading it. Not sure I really like it.

So then I started reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer ) the other day. I really like it so far.
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Had a weird dream.

Left my husband and randomly started dating Chris Hardwick. And by randomly, I mean we met at some party and started dating. Not sure what kind of party I would be at that he would also be at, but it wasn't like an event or anything, it was at someone's house. I do remember being in shock/disbelief (in the dream) that I was dating a celebrity.

As the dream went on though, my ex became a guy I dated on and off in high school and we had a young daughter (before I didn't have a kid at all) and I was dating a Chris Hardwick look alike.

It ended with me and some friends and my mom (though she wasn't my actual mom, I can't remember now who she was) searching for my daughter at my house from high school. Things hadn't ended well with my ex and she was with him, but it was late and I didn't want to wake her/deal with him, so I decided to leave them alone until morning.

Not sure what any of that is supposed to mean.
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I haven't posted what fanfics I've read in a while... and I've been reading a LOT lately!

Looking at my history on AO3, the last time I listed anything I've read from there was around last summer! I think I'll stick with the more recent things though, just because some of the older things I don't remember so well. So these are just Jan-now and only what I've read on AO3 since FF doesn't keep track for me.

Rogue One (Star Wars)- Jyn/Cassian

Dust by impertinence
my body above you by alsoalsowik
Almost by lannisterslioness

Emerald City- Dorothy/Lucas

Take Me There by srmiller
She Wields Magic by dearxalchemist
Interrupted by sambethe
Slow Ragged Breaths by dearxalchemist
When You Kiss Me Like This by srmiller
The Color Red by L3ftOfCent3r
Hello My Old Heart by daydreamblvr6

Librarians- Jacob/Cassandra

Vaporized Marshmallows by justlook3
Tales from the Bookstore by justlook3

Timeless- Lucy/Wyatt

Repetition by RavensWing
Just a Peek by MISSYriver
I've gained some things too by spacetimetrash
The Stars Are Still Shining by megoettee
Smirk by bethylark


enimies of time (5 part series) by extasiswings
all the ashes in my wake (2 part series) by extasiswings
ex gratia by extasiswings
Fallen Out of Time by sinisterkid92
Hidden by Justbeyourself205
(and perhaps it was)inevitable by qqueenofhades


Unpack Your Heart (3 part series) by only_more_love
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Finished this the other day. It was nice to visit some of the characters from the other books. And they FINALLY addressed the fact that Toto doesn't talk! In a rather hilarious way, I might add.

Next in the series is Scarecrow of Oz, but I haven't started it yet. I'm still thinking I'll take a break from the series for a bit and read some of the other books I have laying around.

Book #9

Apr. 13th, 2017 10:20 am
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I'm still reading Tik-Tok of Oz, but I decided to take a break from the Oz series for a bit and read some of the other books I've gotten recently.

Yesterday I picked up The End of Oz by Danielle Paige ) (I know, not much of a divergence from the Oz series) It's the final book in the Dorothy Must Die series. I really liked it. The pace was good and even though it was the last book, it introduced new characters. It also wrapped up the story nicely.

There is another book set in the same universe coming out, but it goes back in time to tell the story of one of the new characters introduced in the last book. I'll probably get it as I love everything (pretty much) connected to Wizard of Oz and because I really enjoyed the series.

Book #9

Apr. 3rd, 2017 08:28 am
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I couldn't finish The New Jim Crow. It read too much like a text book. :( I took it back to the library on Monday. I did find the movie online and watched that. It's sickening what's going on.

But I did finish Patchwork Girl. Not sure why people kept telling me I would love it so much. She actually comes off as super arrogant and I couldn't stand her half the time. The story itself was ok. I've found that a lot of the "beloved" characters of Oz are pretty arrogant and it's mildly irritating. I think it's supposed to come off as ignorance/naivety, but it fails miserably. But the stories are fun, so I keep reading them.

I started Tik-Tok of Oz )
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Almost just texted "I miss Moriarty" to my husband instead of "I miss you."

Pretty sure he would not have been amused.

Posted via

Book #8

Mar. 3rd, 2017 02:57 pm
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I'm still reading Patchwork Girl, but a friend told me I should read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander ) after talking about the movie/documentary The 13th.

I told him I wasn't sure if I could watch it, given the subject matter. I just wasn't sure I could handle it emotionally. So he suggested the book that it's based on. I put it on hold at the library (all 20 copies were checked out) and it just came in yesterday, so I went and picked it up today.

I haven't started it yet, but it's just under 300 pages and hopefully doesn't read like a textbook. It's been a while since I've read any non-fiction. I'll be sure to share my thoughts when I'm done/as I go.


Mar. 3rd, 2017 02:47 pm
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I feel like my icons are looking MUCH better than they were. And I'm remembering where things are and what they do, so that makes things go a lot faster. My program updated today too, it now has a welcome screen with tutorials! I was surprised since it's PaintShop 7 and they're on like 9 or 10 now, but hey, I'll take it!

I spent some time yesterday screencapping a couple episodes of Emerald City and writing down any lines that stuck with me to use with icons. Tonight is the season finale!

I've got a bunch that I re-did and some new ones that I made when I re-did the Tumblr ones, but I think I'll work with those a bit more before I share them. Here's some I made today that I think came out pretty good.

lucas tall
never small
monster bw

I think my favorite is the second one, with the tree. I LOVE the font in the first one and I'm glad I got it to work.
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Finished Road to Oz and went right on to The Emerald City of Oz )

I'm not sure I like Aunt Em all that much, and they don't seem to mesh well with Oz, but maybe that will change. I did like that we got to see the Nome King again! And how they dealt with him and his allies in the end.

I'm now making my way through The Patchwork Girl of Oz )

I was once told by someone (I don't remember who) That I would really like this one. I'm not sure why. It doesn't really stand out to me yet.
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FINALLY got some work in on my Laby fic! I haven't really had any inspiration for it in months. I would open it and make edits here and there, but not really add much.

I didn't add a *ton* today, but more than I have in a while. And it's good to feel the story moving again. I was worried it had died. :(

I'm up to about 8500 words now! I have no idea how long it will be, but I'm thinking it will be over 10k before I'm done.
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The Oz books are only around 200 pages, so if it seems like I'm going through them really quick, that's why.

I love that each book opens with the author writing a note to all the children that write to him begging for more books. He seems like he was an amazing person.

Ozma of Oz ) was clearly part of "The Return to Oz" movie as well. I remember being terrified of Princess Langwidere's cabinet. I much prefer Emerald City's take on her. I love her masks. Except the cat one. That one is weird.

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz ) This one I'm not sure I liked so much. The people they encountered weren't very nice, but I didn't like how it always ended up with kill or be killed. Too much random killing. And it contradicts book 2! The whole story of how Ozma became Tip is changed. :(

And now I'm almost done with The Road to Oz ) The senseless killing continues... But I love Polychrome!
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After some advice from [ profile] tinnny, I redid two of the Tumblr sets to try and make them lighter. The first image in both sets looks better than the last two. :/ I didn't realize at first that some of the settings didn't auto save. :( In the future I can save them and reuse them for similar images. It's just hard to remember because MOST of the tools default to "last settings used" so I don't always pay attention to the settings.

First set )

Second set )

I've definitely got more fine tuning to figure out with the pixelation/softness/focus and once I remember to save the settings I use to lighten the image, the colors will match better. But these are MUCH brighter and easier to see than the first ones!

Icon Test

Feb. 7th, 2017 03:11 pm
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Testing to see if PNG or JPEG works better for my icons. Not sure if it will matter, but these were saved as JPEG first and then I changed them to PNG. When I have more time I'll try to save some as PNG first.

Left side is JPEG, right is PNG

Ev FriendEv Friend2

Ev waste yellowEv waste yellow2

Ev wasteEv waste2

lucas mirror BWlucas mirror BW2

lucas mirror Disturbolucas mirror Disturbo2

West love greenWest love green2


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